Maija Toropainen and Anne Kimiläinen 14.11.-30.11. 2014 |


The November exhibition at P-Gallery offers a thematically surprising encounter in Kökar. Maija Toropainen's and Anne Kimiläinen's Journey to the Horizon exhibition consists of carbon drawings, oil paintings and tempera paintings. The common theme of the exhibition work is a surprising encounter in a foreign city and the same Ålandic municipality, Kökar, where both have worked for many years.

The topics of Anne Kimiläinen's work are from her spring 2014 working trip to Kökar. In addition to coal and gouache, frottage technique has been used in the works of the exhibition. Frottage is a technique developed by surrealists in which paper is placed on an uneven or rough surface. The paper is rubbed with charcoal or a soft pencil so that the raised parts get color. “I want to record the stones in detail because they are all different personalities. The most recent works I have texturized stones surface points, temporality eternal man-made stones. " says Anne Kimiläinen.