Kökar 2021
Grönvik, Kökar
Youth Art Camp1978 Oriveden Opisto

Simplified expression and limited palette are hallmarks of my work. I am inspired by strong shapes and contrasts. I paint and draw a lot outdoors, straight from the observation. In the workroom, they are transformed and reduced into new jobs, where I try to describe the essence of a moment or the weather.

An important place for me to do has been Kökar in Åland, its changing color and light phenomena have taught me to see the world with new eyes. The nature of the island impressed right from the first visit. And the whole world, 360 degrees, is all around it, in the middle of the sea, under the feet at a radius of twenty kilometers. 

Anne Kimiläinen graduated from the Turku Academy of Arts as a visual artist (BA). She is a member of the Pori Artists 'Association and a candidate member of the Finnish Painters' Association. Since 2008, Kimiläinen has held solo exhibitions and participated in group and group exhibitions every year. Her works are in the collections of the Emil Cedercreutz Museum, the Museo Internazionale dell'Acquarello, the Pori Art Museum, the Satakunta Hospital District and private collections. Lives and works in Pori, Finland

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Kökar 2019
Kökar 2021
Rauman Art Museo, Pori Artist Association
Kökar, Hells