Unhurriedness is a necessary obvious in the work of a visual artist. New topics arise only from experiences and lived lives. The relevant things are slow and time consuming, at least for me.

​ I am inspired by strong shapes and contrasts. An important place for me to do has been Kökar in Åland, its changing color and light phenomena have taught me to see the world with new eyes. The nature of the island impressed right from the first visit. And the fact that the whole world, 360 degrees is all around it, in the middle of the sea, underground at a radius of twenty kilometers. The island must be understood. Everything you take with you to the island must be brought out of there. After returning from my island trips, there is a feeling that the soul and mind (the same thing?) Still remained in the archipelago scenery and will follow after many days.  

I graduated as a graphic designer from the Lahti Design Institute. From 1996 to 2017, I worked as a graphic designer at YLE. For a long time, the work of a graphic artist satisfied the need to create and make an image. I graduated as a visual artist from the Turku Academy of Arts in 2013. I live and work in Pori.


DRAWING GARDEN (Written contribution to the thesis of the degree of visual artist of the Turku University of Applied Sciences, 2013).



Jobs for sale: https://www.taiko.art/annekimilainen  

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