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Updated: Mar 30

I will go to Kökar, Åland, again in a few weeks (10-24.2022). There, my head always moves into a new position, indeed inspired by the environment and with new ideas.

Text from Taiko's page:

Åland's rugged and beautiful archipelago is an inexhaustible source for visual artist Anne Kimiläinen. From Taiko, you can conveniently get Anne's landscape works, which originated on the rugged cliffs of the outer archipelago, often Kökar.

- The charm of the island is based on the fact that it is like a whole world: around the sea and the land under your feet within a radius of twenty kilometers. The lines and shapes of the eternal rock give endless inspiration.

Jobs from left to right:

Anne Kimiläinen: Källskär

"The lines and shapes of the gray ancient rock have been my subject for more than a decade. The rapidly changing phenomena of color and light in the Åland outer archipelago have taught me to see the world with new eyes. This work is painted on the island of Källskär in Kökar."

Anne Kimiläinen: Opposite the shore

“A fast, changing moment. Pigment and water have done their job in this work. At some point I have tried to control water flows and pigment spreading. I painted the work in the summer of 2020 in Kökari, Åland's guest studio. ”

Anne Kimiläinen: Grönvik, eternal

“The inspiration for this work is the cliffs of the Coast Guard in Kökar. Ancient, oldest cliffs in the world. ” Anne´s site on Taiko:

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